The history of Holiday Jam with the Hegg Brothers began while Jeremy and Jon Hegg spent December of 2006 through 2008 touring with A South Dakota Acoustic Christmas. After nineteen years of playing Christmas music throughout the state ASDAC’s retirement in ’08 left a gaping hole in holiday concert traditions for a lot of communities in the region. Thus Holiday Jam was born. Inviting a network of immensely talented musicians they had met throughout the years to join together for this endeavor, the Hegg brothers hoped to carry out the spirit of the Acoustic Christmas tradition while making it something uniquely their own.

Teaming up with the 9-piece musical act was Off-The-Cuff-Stuff Productions. Together these two outfits quickly had year one of Holiday Jam with the Hegg Brothers off to a promising beginning and in year two has expanded the show to two new states in a week and a half long tour.
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Holiday Jam
Sioux Falls, SD
Phone: 605.310.3226